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PostConf is a simple web front-end to the powerful Postfix email server. Configured as either a firewall or a server PostConf is a set-it and forget-it solution with unmatched ROI (it's cheap).

  • 10 minutes to Setup a Gateway, Server, or Client
  • Gateway Mode Protects Your Exchange, Notes, or Groupwise Server
  • Server and Client Modes Ensure Secure, Reliable Delivery
  • Includes all the functionality of Postfix and Sendmail
  • Safe and Effective Virus and Spam Filtering, Fully Configurable
  • Designed for High Security Environments
  • Backup and Restore to a Single File
  • Detailed Status, Queue, Log and Filter Reports
  • GUI Queue Management

    Before PostConf even experienced systems administrators had difficulty installing and configuring email servers. With PostConf anyone can setup a bulletproof server in just 10 minutes, a substantial savings over two to four hours of expert systems administration or consulting.

    The PostConf GUI provides a straightforward interface to the most commonly used features of Postfix without obstructing command-line access to any of its advanced options.