Mail Server Hosting

• Server and/or Forwarding
• Unlimited Domains/Accounts
• Highest Quality Spam Filtering
• Webmail, POP/S, IMAP/S
• Shared Folder Option
• Shell and Root Access
• SSL cert included

Mail Server hosting eliminates dependence on ISP accounts, aliases, domain, and virtual domain management.   The virtual server provides full control of all aspects of email hosting including web and mail reports, logging, filtering, and forwarding. With PostConf this can all be performed easily and without a trained sysadmin.   Anytime, anywhere secure access from desktop, laptop, Internet cafe, or handheld.


Mail, Web, PBX and
Domain Hosting

• Mail Server plus:
• 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
• Apache Option
• Tomcat Option
• Asterisk PBX Option
• DNS Primary or Secondary
• Unlimited Add-ons
• IP Filters
• Multi-Tier Backups

Mail, Web, VOIP PBX and Domain Hosting puts you in control of all your communications, including incoming and outgoing telephony.   We provide tech support, monitoring, backups, and other critical components for a bullet-proof server or gateway.   Server hosting takes the problem of managing company-wide email off your hands, so you can go back to running your business.


Systems Administration
and Consulting

• Specializing in Postfix
• Spamassassin and ClamAV
• Encryption, Authentication
• Linux and Unix
• Performance and Security
• 1 to 100K mailboxes
• Training, Documentation
• ISP, Business, or Individual

PostConf Consulting troubleshoots, manages, installs, and upgrades email servers wherever they may be, office, datacenter, or ISP.   We are familiar with everything Postfix, be it a single server or globally distributed, load balanced, multinational Internet Service Provider.   Monitored and managed with the PostConf front-end, often without a trained systems administrator on staff.


Included and A'la Carte

• All accounts include: unlimited domains, unlimited mailboxes, quality spam filtering, experienced tech support, software upgrades, daily backups, Spamassassin, ClamAV, Postfix, and host-specific commercial SSL certificate/s.

• Options are too numerous to list but the most popular are: web hosting, email listservers, and primary and/or backup DNS.

• Custom phone or email support contracts also available.

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