PostConf Software Overview

  • Mail Server or Spam Filtering Gateway
  • Easy to Understand Menus
  • 10 minutes to Setup a Gateway, Server, or Client
  • Gateway Mode Protects Your Exchange, Notes, or Groupwise Server
  • Server and Client Modes Ensure Secure, Reliable Delivery
  • Includes all the functionality of Postfix and Sendmail
  • Safe and Effective Virus and Spam Filtering, Fully Configurable
  • Detailed Status, Queue, Log and Filter Reports
  • Designed for High Security Environments
  • Backup and Restore to a Single File
  • GUI Queue Management
Before PostConf even experienced systems administrators had difficulty installing and configuring an email server. With PostConf anyone can setup a bulletproof email server in just 10 minutes, a substantial savings over two to four hours of expert systems administration or consulting.


    PostConf accommodates existing OS and package design. Elements like directory paths, compiler flags, and encryption support will continue to work as designed. Only the configurations are managed (and monitored) by the PostConf front-end.


    Where other vendors incorporate bells and whistles into their product PostConf is careful to include only those items which are necessary and widely used. No meaningless graphs, no Javascript eye-candy, no excessive detail, nothing but the most logical layout of all key features. Those minutiae can still be managed outside of PostConf, but the Keep-It-Simple design minimizes setup and management effort, and facilitates a better understanding of what your email-related applications are doing.


  • Scales from a single mailbox to the largest organizations
  • A single server can manage email for thousands of accounts
  • With no per-user charges or recurring license fees